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Our Staff


We are very fortunate to have an extremely well-qualified, teaching and administrative staff that comes from many parts of the world to be a part of the GCA family.

They have all come to the school with the same goal in mind; to make a difference in a child’s life.

They utilize best practices in their in daily instruction and routinely go out of their way to know each and every student by name. They also create a nurturing supportive, nurturing environment where every child is encouraged to do their best.

Staff Directory


Bernice Scott:  Bscott@gca.ky

Deputy Principal:

Bridget Wallace: Bwallace@gca.ky

Office Administrator 

Nicole Saunders: Nicole@gca.ky; officeadmin@gca.ky

School-Based Intervention Team:

Rita Powell: rpowell@gca.ky


Taryn Thompson: Tthompson@gca.ky

Teacher Aide: Haileigh Moore


Andrea Dennis: Adennis@gca.ky

Teacher Aide: Miss Lissa

Grade 1: 

Nadine Appleton: Nappleton@gca.ky

Grade 2:

Karen Felderhof: Kfelderhof@gca.ky

Grade 3:

James Appleton: Jappleton@gca.ky

Grade 4:

Breanne Gill: Bgill@gca.ky

Grade 5:

Marlene Wolfe: Mwolfe@gca.ky

 English & Social Studies 6 – 8:

Macdonald Machingura: Mmachingura@gca.ky

Math 6 – 8:

Jill Fawcett: Jfawcett@gca.ky

Science 7 – 12:

Naomi Darlington: Ndarlington@gca.ky

English 9 – 12:

Katherine Dilbert: Kdilbert@gca.ky

History & AP Courses 9-12: 

Tasha Porter: Tporter@gca.ky

Math 9-12:



Gary Gardiner: Ggardiner@gca.ky


Mercedes Foy: Coach@gca.ky


Cranston Forbes: Music@gca.ky


Cecilia Delrisco: Cdelrisco@gca.ky


2019/20 School Supply List Now Available For Grades K-12 Download PDF Here
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